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Cheesecrap Factory

Early birthday celebration.
This weekend with friends.
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Management and staff pretty rude.
I was told one thing over the phone.
And then another in person.

Isn't the customer always right?
Service out the window. Money in the door.
The door kept open with a line to the lot.

No more chain restaurants.
With maybe a few exceptions.
I'm going to try to eat local.
Where I'm a customer. Not a number.

Once we sat down. I forgot about it.
Sean. Kira. Jennifer. Tess. Dan.
Jaime. Danielle. EC. Johnny.

Smaller than I had hoped for.
But better that way in the end.
Quality over quantity with friends.

After dinner, Jaime and I saw Kira's new place.
We also got to meet her roommate.
And some of her friends from church.

Then we headed to the Deli.
For drinks and laughs.
And a few dances too.

Corey chilled with us for a bit.
Sarah stopped by with a friend.
Danielle and Liz showed up at the end.

I worked all day Sunday.
Then went to Khalilah's Christmas party.

Probably about 20 of us from Urban showed.
Best part of the night were these oranges.
With sweet potato and brown sugar inside.

We did a secret santa exchange.
Almost no one who drew names was there.
So we only exchanged about 4 presents total.

Lots of December to Remember events this week.
Then NYC for my real birthday.
2007's ending on a good note.

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